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  • Events | 19 April, 2009 (08:58)

    Workshop: Career Transition Strategies For Journalists

    Join us for an evening with former journalist Edith Coron, who is now a career coach. Edith will hold an evening workshop focusing on strategies for transition for journalists.

    Few news organizations have Human Resources departments, or offer their correspondents career advice. Journalists are left to themselves when it comes to career development or – increasingly often nowadays – reinventing themselves altogether.

    For those navigating new technologies and new media to those thinking of moving on to a new role or even a new career, Edith will explain the process of coaching and how it can help journalists with career development and transition.

    DATE: Wed April 29th, 2009
    TIME: 7.30pm
    VENUE: to be confirmed (likely to be Sanlitun)
    ENTRANCE: free to FCCC members, 50 rmb on the door to non-members
    RSVP to fcccadmin@gmail.com to give us an idea of numbers

    Edith Coron, formerly a foreign correspondent, made the switch several years ago and is now a certified executive coach and intercultural communication specialist based in Beijing. She is the founder and executive director of EOC-Intercultural Ltd.

    She has an insider’s knowledge of the media, having worked as foreign correspondent in many countries for many organisations, including The European in Paris; Europe 1 and The Christian Science Monitor in Moscow; Radio/TV Suisse (among others) in Jerusalem; Le Monde and Radio France Internationale in Buenos Aires; and was also a war correspondent in four Central American counries. A “global nomad”, she has lived in China, the U.K., the U.S., Israel, France, Russia, Latin America and Africa, and speaks five languages.