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  • Events | 11 May, 2009 (07:47)

    2009 Annual General Meeting

    It’s time for us all to gather and talk about the issues that affect us, and elect a new roster of leaders to take the helm of the FCCC. It’s time for our Annual General Meeting.

    Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our AGM on Thursday 11th June beginning at 6:00pm at the Czech embassy, 2 Ritan Lu.

    RSVP to fcccadmin@gmail.com so we know you’re coming.
    BRING your FCCC membership card and passport/ID card.

    Meantime, nominations for the 2009-2010 FCCC board are now open! If you’ve appreciated how the FCCC has made a difference in prodding the government on press freedom and security issues, and enjoyed the club’s many speaker events and social activities over the past year, please do get involved. The Club is run on a voluntary basis by professional journalists, and it’s only as good as you make it.

    Correspondent members may run for any of these offices:

    1) President
    2) Vice-President
    3) Secretary
    4) Treasurer
    5) General board member (5 positions)

    For detailed descriptions of each position, please read the Articles of Association, on the FCCC website.

    Associate members, including Media Associates, can run for the Associate member slot (1) on the board, giving a chance to weigh in on the interests and preferences of the FCCC’s growing number of non-correspondent members. Get a Correspondent member to nominate you, as only Correspondent members are allowed to nominate and elect board members. Associate members are most welcome and encouraged to attend the AGM and join in the discussion.

    Interested in running? Please send an e-mail to election@fccchina.org with your name, organization and what board position you’d like to run for. You may also nominate someone else you think would be good for the job. Nominations are open until May 28. We hope to hear from you. The FCCC needs your active participation.