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  • Events | 15 October, 2009 (16:40)

    Oct 22 – An Evening With Sidney Rittenberg

    **This event is fully subscribed and we are accepting no more registrations.**

    A new note of triumph has entered China’s national discourse, as the nation appears to have weathered the financial crisis well and achieved impressive economic success without the Communist Party ever giving up one-party rule. But what is actually going on in China politically today? Is the party as strong as it says it is, or is the succession issue still potentially destabilizing? How well is China projecting its soft power? And, ahead of Barack Obama’s upcoming visit, how well do China and America really know each other?

    Please join us for a discussion with Sidney Rittenberg, “The Man who Stayed Behind”. Sidney lived the first three decades of the People’s Republic as a ardent believer in Mao’s revolution, and now advises Americans who are trying to navigate the complications of China today.

    DATE: Thursday, October 22nd
    TIME: 7.30pm
    VENUE CONFIRMED: Yishu8/艺术8, between Guomao and Wanda Plaza (click here for map or see bottom for directions)
    ENTRANCE: free to FCCC members, 50 rmb on the door to non-members
    REGISTRATION: email fcccadmin@gmail.com to reserve your place

    If you have specific questions you would like Sidney to address in his talk, please email him directly a few days before the talk at srittenb@me.com. Or, feel free to ask during the Q&A.

    Sidney Rittenberg witnessed much of the PRC’s early turmoil from his unique perspective as the only American member of the Chinese Communist Party. He lived in China from 1944 to 1980, spending 16 of those years in solitary confinement after he ran afoul of Chinese political currents. He and his wife Yulin are now consultants to American businesses investing in China.

    n° 8 Langjiayuan, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, tel 6581 9058
    北京朝阳区建国路郎家园8号尚8创意产业园F座 (万达影城西侧)电话 65819058

    The entrance is on the west side of Zhenzhi Road 针织路. Go in through the gateway with 北京市电线电缆总厂over the top. (It’s next to a building almost totally covered in ivy and opposite a parade of shops and restaurants.) Taxis aren’t allowed in. Walk ahead about 200 meters and you will find a single storey building on your right with a round moongate entrance. This is Yishu8. Yishu8 is a modern arty space in a converted cable factory complex.