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  • Events | 4 March, 2010 (18:53)

    Double Bill: Mar 11 & Mar 19 – “China Is Unhappy” PK “China Is Very Happy”

    TITLE 1: Is China “Unhappy”? (TITLE 2: “Coming Currency Wars?” please see below)
    DATE: Thursday, March 11 – 19:30-21:00
    SPEAKER: Mr Wang Xiaodong (王小东), author of “China is Unhappy”

    International news reports on the riots in Tibet and Xinjiang, and on the 2008 Olympic torch relay, caused a stir among young Chinese, who accuse the Western media of distorting the truth and the real China. Washington’s recent arm sales to Taiwan and President Obama’s meeting with Dalai Lama saw a robust response from Beijing, which issued an unprecedented public warning of sanctions against US arms companies. Has China changed or have we ever really known the real China? What is the real China? Mr Wang Xiaodong, one of the co-authors of the controversial book “China is Unhappy”, asks these questions. He argues that it is better for the “Western press” and China to enhance their understanding of each other, “rather than stick to banal opinions”. He will seek to explain why China is “unhappy”.

    TITLE 2:
    Coming Currency Wars?
    DATE: Friday, March 19 – 12:00-13:30
    SPEAKER: Gong Shengli (巩胜利), author of “China is Very Happy”

    Fending off foreign pressure, China’s central bank has said at least three times that the Yuan will not appreciate. But Mr Gong Shengli will show why it must — and soon. Come hear him give his reasons for that, and why he also thinks the Yuan “will have to fight for its place on the global stage”. Will the Yuan one day become as accepted as the world’s currency as the Dollar and the Euro? He will seek to answer that in this talk.

    VENUE for both talks:
    Face Bar
    26 Dongcaoyuan, Gongti (behind the Cervantes Institute)
    工体南路东草园26号 (map, website)

    ENTRANCE: free to FCCC members, 50 rmb on the door to non-members
    REGISTRATION: email fcccadmin@gmail.com so we know numbers and for security clearance. When you sign up for these talks, please specify which of the two sessions you’ll be attending.


    Wang Xiaodong (王小东) is a researcher at the Communist Youth League-affiliated China Youth and Children Research Center. He is better-known as one of the co-authors of the controversial book “China is Unhappy” and is widely seen as a leading thinker among China’s nationalists.

    Gong Shengli (巩胜利) is an independent scholar and the current chief researcher of Guoqing Neican (国情内参), a weekly magazine published as internal reference for China’s ministries. Mr Gong has been studying international and Chinese social and economic issues for over 30 years. His articles have been published at home and abroad in several publications including People’s Daily, Southern Weekend, Fortune Magazine, Newsweek. He is also the main author of the book “China is Very Happy”.