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  • Events | 19 April, 2010 (21:39)

    The Hard Road: Seeking Justice For The Victims Of Lung Disease In China

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    SPEAKER: Geoffrey Crothall, Director of Communications, China Labor Bulletin

    Launch of research report & talk by China Labor Bulletin
    There are probably more than one million workers in China today suffering from pneumoconiosis, the deadly lung disease that is by far the most widespread occupational disease in the country, with nearly 10,000 new cases officially diagnosed each year. Yet, only a handful of those workers will get anything like the work-related injury compensation they are entitled to under the law. Most will only get small lump sum payment that can only cover medical costs for a few years, many will get nothing at all.

    A new research report, published by China Labour Bulletin, investigates why it is so difficult for victims of pneumoconiosis to get compensation, and outlines a series of measures to improve work safety and remove the obstacles to redress created by current laws and legal procedures, employers who refuse to pay, and government officials and judges who are more concerned with the letter of the law than the plight of dying workers.

    The report uses CLB’s own case studies including jewellery workers, coal miners and construction workers to illuminate the numerous obstacles to redress for victims of pneumoconiosis and show that, through determined collective action, there is a way through the log jam.

    DATE: Monday, April 26
    TIME: 11:00-12:30am
    VENUE: Australian embassy 澳大利亚驻华大使馆
    21 Dongzhimenwai Dajie,
    Sanlitun (next to Canadian embassy, opposite A.C. Embassy Hotel)
    Tel: 5140 4111, website

    REGISTRATION: rsvp to fcccadmin@gmail.com, for members only

    Geoffrey Crothall is the Director of Communications at China Labor Bulletin. He has been writing about China for more than two decades, and was the South China Morning Post correspondent in Beijing from 1991 to 1996.

    China Labour Bulletin (CLB) is a Hong Kong-based non-governmental organization that defends and promotes workers’ rights in China. It was set up in 1994 by prominent labor rights activist Han Dongfang. It supports the development of democratic trade unions, respect for and enforcement of China’s labor laws, and the full participation of workers in civil society. It provides legal aid to workers and seeks to promote collective bargaining as an effective means of resolving labor disputes. CLB’s reports and analysis of labour rights issues in China are available at www.clb.org.hk.