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  • Events | 15 June, 2010 (09:19)

    Crisis on the Korean Peninsula

    The sinking of a South Korean naval ship, the Cheonan, last March has heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula at a critical time. Recent reported events in North Korea—including the elevation of Kim Jong Il’s brother-in-law to the number two position in the country and the deaths of several members of the old guard—suggest that Kim is laying the groundwork for his third son to eventually assume power. Meanwhile, the South has severed most links with the North and press reports indicate that the North’s botched currency reform earlier this year has caused widespread hardship. Three panelists will discuss whether the two Koreas can emerge from this crisis unscathed and what role China might play in stabilizing the situation on the peninsula.

    DATE: Thursday, June 17
    Embassy of the Czech Republic, 2 Ritan Road (opposite St Regis) (map)
    RSVP to fcccadmin@gmail.com to ensure entrance through security
    ENTRANCE: free to members, 50 RMB on the door to non-members

    Shi Yinhong is Director of the Center on American Studies at Renmin University. He has had 25 books published, the latest of which is Global Challenges and China (2010). His most recent publications in the years include “China-US Nonproliferation Games: the Cases of North Korea and Iran,” and “China and the North Korean Nuclear Issue: Competing Interests and Persistent Policy Dilemmas.”

    Jia Qingguo is Associate Dean of the School of International Studies of Peking University. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1988 and has published extensively on U.S.-China relations, relations between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, and Chinese foreign policy.

    Jutta Lietsch is a Correspondent for Leipziger Volkszeitung and other German-language publications and a FCCC member. She just returned from a reporting trip to North Korea in which she accompanied a delegation of German parliamentarians and was able to attend the first ever press conference of North Korea´s National Defense Commission.