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  • Events | 6 January, 2011 (16:12)

    January Happy Hour

    Join us for the first FCCC Happy Hour of the new social season this Friday at the Bookworm, where among your equally earnest peers clutching new press cards, you can reaffirm your New Year’s Resolution to accentuate the positive(s) in all your dispatches. Mind you, we can’t guarantee your determined pledge to cut out all vices – including peeling off the fat during your Beijing kaoya suppers – will stay the course…
    With massive discounts on wine and beer (and egged on by your fellow weak-willed, underpaid, overworked and unloved correspondents and general media related dogsbodies), you’ll soon be back into your old Beijing ways.

    You’ll need your FCCC membership card to enjoy the cut price booze, so make sure you have yours in hand or bring along your subs for renewal. FCCC model workers will be on hand with easy-to-complete paper work, including filling out application forms for those who have made one of their 2011 goals to join arguably the most important FCC this side of Calcutta.


    VENUE: The Bookworm
    DATE: Friday, Jan 7
    TIME: 6:30-10:30 pm
    ENTRANCE: Free. Non-members very welcome as always.
    DIZZY DRINKS DISCOUNT: for FCCC members on draught Carlsberg and Yanjing, bottled Tsing Tao, house wine and mixed drinks.