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  • Events | 27 January, 2011 (10:30)

    February Happy Hour

    Come and recover from Chinese New Year at our shell shock therapy and Happy Hour clinic this FRIDAY, FEB 11th at the BOOKWORM.

    Swap survival tales of derring-do dodging the artillery barrage and firestarters outside your compound gates with your fellow media workers – and hand yellow feathers with a jeer to the cowards who had the common sense to leg it to Thailand. How apt to be celebrating the Leporidae, the furry mammal designed with long, large ears with acute hearing for danger . . . No doubt many of you will be suffering temporary acute hearing loss, so let us know if we need to make an extra loud announcement that selected beers and wines are subjected to special discounts for FCCC members.

    So do hop-hop-hop along from 6.30PM onwards (with your new subs if you need to renew your membership – or ask for an application form if you wish to join). FCCC Happy Hours are firework and rabbit free zones.

    VENUE: The Bookworm
    DATE: Friday, Feb 11
    TIME: 6:30-10:30 pm
    ENTRANCE: Free. Non-members very welcome as always.
    DIZZY DRINKS DISCOUNT: for FCCC members on draught Carlsberg and Yanjing, bottled Tsing Tao, house wine and mixed drinks.