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  • T-shirts & Goodies

    We all know someone who has everything. And what a headache it is buying a gift for them. Yet another pair of socks to languish unworn in a drawer of a hundred identical pairs? A luxurious box of handmade chocolates that have melted and cooled into tasteless briquettes? A set of sparkling jewels to be secretly palmed off to the nearest costume hire shop?

    Fret no longer, the solution is simple:

    The FCCC t-shirt — unique, sleek and subtly witty — will appeal to all!

    Foreign Correspondents' Club of China T-shirt

    Only 60 yuan each! Just contact us if you’re interested.

    Also available

    • Our famous Reporters’ Guide in a convenient pocket-sized form.
    • Striking red armbands identifying you as a member of the press.